Blog #2 Learning process continues!

The Past Two Weeks

I have learned a lot about technology in general over the last couple of weeks. Exploring different types of technology and presentation tools available online was intriguing and daunting. I spent time looking at different tools and various databases, such as ERIC and CINAHL through our UIndy library website.  I used Google search engines to find articles as well using keywords and found journal articles, news clips, and videos to name a few items. I am excited about using some of the new tools as an educator.  I have spent the last couple of weeks looking at different websites and accessing their links to a variety of educational information and tools. The links provided through UIndy ACE and those provided on Dr. May’s blog site have proven to be extremely helpful and interesting.  I had never considered blogging in the past and find I am enjoying learning how to blog and reading others blogs.  I have learned different methods of accessing tools for learning through technology. One tool is YouTube, there appears to be a video clip for everything you would every want to know.  I found video technology clips extremely valuable when setting up my Edu blog. I used a YouTube video to walk me through setting up my blog.  The URL for this video is it was great information and it also demonstrated how I could customize my page.  I chose to use a template and then add custom background from our lake home in Michigan.

Learning Experiences

One of the most compelling articles I found over the last couple of weeks was an article by Leighsa Sharoff on Integrating YouTube into the Nursing Curriculum.  It provides information to help educators effectively integrate the use of YouTube into the classroom engaging students and providing a learning experience different than traditional classrooms. Follow this link to view the article:       I have learned how to copy and paste links into my blog and am excited about learning to use YouTube as a media for presentations in the future.  I have been linking to a variety of communication tools and find myself caught up in learning how to “place edging around my garden” for example.  The next thing I know I have spent 30 minutes reviewing videos on home improvement. The potential for using different communication tools to enhance and redirect educational learning is phenomenal. Learning how to use VoiceThread and different products is the newest technology I am learning.


New Knowledge

      I have learned that tenacity is the key to learning new technology. I have been discouraged, frustrated but have not given up.  I am still learning how to develop my video presentation and feel it is becoming easier to use VoiceThread the more I attempt it.  I have also found that sometimes the website is down and that although new technology is a keystroke away it doesn’t always work perfectly each and every time.  I am learning to broaden my horizons by continuing to work on my computer skills and look forward to applying the new technology as an educator in the future.

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